Permanent laser hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal offers a fantastic solution if you’re fed up of  unwanted hair, allowing you to feel body confident all year round. For both men and women, shaving can be a time consuming inconvenience only lasting for days at a time. And although waxing lasts longer, it’s a costly routine that spans a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry again!

What to expect

Our equipment uses InteliPulse and iCycle cooling technology to give safe pain free results. On your first consultation, you will receive a FREE patch test.

How does it work?

Intense pulsed light is a method of long term hair management that causes damage to the hair follicle in order to reduce hair re-growth while the surrounding skin remains unaffected.  This is achieved by targeting melanin in the keratin material of the hair.

How long before I see a difference?

Results vary depending on your hair colour and skin type, but everyone should see a significant improvement in hair reduction. 10 -20 days following your treatment you will have the impression that hairs are continuing to grow. This is normal but don’t worry, hairs will then begin to fall out. Over a number sessions, the remaining hairs will grow more slowly and become finer with bald patches starting to appear!

How long does it take?

Multiple treatments are required because only hairs in the active growth phase can be permanently reduced. You will require approximately 6 – 8 treatments over a period of time (4-12 months dependent on the treatment site on the body).


Treatments start from just £50 depending on you requirements which can be discussed at your initial consultation.