Massage Treaments


Ultimate Relaxation

Massage is probably the oldest therapy known to man. It is our natural way to address tension in the body and soothe the central nervous system.

Massage is a powerful and effective aid to relaxation, unknotting tense aching muscles, whilst relieving stressheadachesfatigue, and mild depression. It also tones muscles, increases vitality and improves the functioning of many of the body’s systems, thereby promoting healing and aiding sleep. Massage treatments also help to maintain and maximise the potential health of the skin and scalp, whilst restoring health and well-being.

All aromatherapy treatments are specifically tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, using only oils of the highest quality, suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Indian head massage is a wonderfully relaxing, yet energising treatment, incorporating the upper back, neck, shoulders and head.

How Does Indian Head Massage Work?


The upper body is the prime area for holding tension and stress. With hectic lifestyles and poor posture we place more and more strain on the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck. Indian head massage concentrates on these key areas and gently, calmly but firmly eases the tension away.

Indian head massage works with a firm and gentle rhythm to help release blockages and relieve the uncomfortable build-up of tension in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. As the massage works on the physical body, the relief of tension in these areas is felt immediately. All areas of the body are affected by this release of tension.

What is Indian Head Massage Good For?

Indian head massage is especially good for relieving stresstensionfatigueinsomniaheadachesmigraineeyestrain and eye problemstinnitus and other ear problemsneck and shoulder stiffnesssinusitis and sinus congestionhair loss or thinning, and scalp tension. It leaves the client with a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing; leaving them feeling energised, revitalised and better able to concentrate. Massage also helps increase joint mobility and flexibility and frees muscular tension. Indian head massage can have a very uplifting affect on the mind, improving our outlook and general sense of not feeling clear-headed enough to see how wonderful everything is. It lifts the spirits and one’s mental outlook.

Indian head massage brings a general feeling of well-being, calmness and relaxation. There is a dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles and a stimulation and improvement of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It also stimulates and improves scalp circulation and hair growth. It can bring higher levels of alertness and concentration, easing mental tirednessanxiety <and restlessness. It can provide relief from aches and pains, stress symptoms and insomnia and give you a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.

It tackles the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress in a unique and particularly effective way. Massaging the head and hair is soothing and deeply relaxing, reducing muscular and nervous tension and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. It relaxes the scalp and tones up muscles.

Indian head massage is particularly good for people who would prefer not to have the entire body worked.

What Happens During An Indian Head Massage Treatment?

I suggest wearing clothing that allows easy access to the head, neck and shoulders. Before the treatment you will need to remove any jewellery or glasses, and you may find it more comfortable to remove your shoes as well. You will then sit down in a comfortable chair without crossing your legs. I will stand behind you whilst performing your Indian head massage. Each treatment is a unique experience where you are able to deeply relax.

I will use a range of different massage techniques including deep kneading, compression, thumb and finger pressure, friction and soothing stroking. Your comfort is the main priority.

As well as being a relaxing treatment, your head massage can also be an invigorating and refreshing experience. Clients often report a ‘balanced’ feeling of peace and calm, and will usually feel more alert and revitalised following a treatment. Indian head massage aims to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms that you may arrive with.

  • Full body aromatherapy massage (inc. facial) £44.50
    Book a course of 3 and save £10.00
  • Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage £34.50
    Book a course of 3 and save £10.00
  • Indian head massage £28.50
    Book a course of 3 and save £10.00